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Transform Bright Leaders into
World-Class Executives


The move from leader to executive in a large organization isn’t a step…it’s a leap. Excelerate’s Executive Accelerator is your insurance policy for a smooth and successful leadership transition.


Who is This For? 

The Executive Accelerator is an intensive leadership program for executive leaders from mid-market, family-owned, rapidly-growing and/or merging companies. These businesses trust Excelerate to transform their top leaders into exceptional executives.

Leaders Preparing for a
C-suite Promotion

Executive leadership requires skills and capabilities that many soon-to-be executives aren’t traditionally exposed to.  With the right coaching, these talented candidates will be primed and ready to excel in an executive position when the time comes.

Recently Promoted Executives

New executives want to stand out and prove that others can depend on them to lead the business forward. They need to build a personal leadership brand around their core talents to earn the trust of their organization’s most influential leaders and solicit allyship with the directors and VPs that might object to their overall corporate vision.

Early Stage Executives


The first one to two years are the most difficult for new executives. In fact, 40% of first-time executives don’t make it within the first 18 months on the job. While they might possess technical and financial acumen, they lack critical leadership skills expected of their role.

Excel in 5 Critical Dimensions of Leadership

Successful leadership transition requires awareness and competency in five key areas of leadership.

Self Leadership

Develop the personal, mental and emotional habits required to lead the organization toward success.

Strategic Leadership

Design a compelling company vision and strategy that a team’s decision-makers can fully buy into.

Executive Team Leadership

Pull the company’s top leaders and their varying personalities together to produce powerful organizational results under one vision.

Organizational Leadership

Cultivate a team culture that attracts quality individuals, aligns and directs perfectly with the company values, builds positivity and delivers results.

Public Leadership

Become a master at building social capital as the face of the company, and harness a powerful executive presence to attract new opportunities with shareholders, board members, the media and beyond.

Every executive leader innately possesses elements of these five dimensions, some less than others. In the Executive Accelerator, participants will elevate their skills in each dimension until they surpass every expectation of C-suite leadership.

This Program is a Fit If…

This program is designed for specific professional leaders in mind. Ideal candidates will
fall under one of the following categories.

The current executive lacks the skills and presence required to lead an entire company.

The business is (or will be) in transition and needs to identify executive talent quickly.

An employee who’s in line to assume control of the company lacks the skills needed for the role. 

An executive struggles to develop their own leadership brand that plays to their core talents.

A leader falls short of
executive-level leadership,
and is ready to change!

Our Commitment to Diversify
the C-suite

Research shows that when an organization’s executive leadership team is diverse, companies see larger profit margins compared to those that aren’t. Executive Accelerator is designed to help you diversity your top talent, meet the needs of candidates across all races, genders and ethnicities, and equip them with invaluable skills and resources for personal and professional growth. This program is perfect for those who are looking to shine a light on underrepresented and talented candidates who are ready to thrive in an executive position. 


Executive Accelerator Includes…

Executive Accelerator is a transformational coaching program that puts the client first. Members of the program receive a host of resources, including (but not limited to) the items below.

Comprehensive Assessments

Participants first undergo an array of personal assessments to determine their strengths, weaknesses, natural leadership traits, communication habits, etc.

Leadership Mastery

Once assessments are completed, participants then explore the five dimensions of leadership, acquiring pertinent skills each step of the away. Includes bi-weekly coaching, quarterly two-day workshops, monthly online group training and accountability partnerships.

Collaboration & Action Plan

As they master each dimension of leadership, participants are assigned critical thinking exercises and communication techniques to practice to help build an action plan for sustainable success in the C-suite.

Endless Resources

Leadership development doesn’t end once the program is complete. Each participant will receive lifetime access to Excelerate’s library of top-tier programs and classes – the same content other Exclerate clients pay to access.



Our Process





Program Outcomes

Participants can expect to experience robust success across a wide range of personal and professional arenas.

Achieve company success with executives who are confident, poised and ready to take on all aspects of the C-suite.

Create an authentic Personal Leadership Brand to showcase core talents from the inside out.

Socialize with poise and etiquette to engage and impress a powerful and intimate audience.

Embody stability to impress any audience and calmly navigate the most challenging of situations from the lead role.

Build physical, mental and emotional vitality in order to maintain peak performance and convey an executive at ease in his/her role.

Communicate a clear strategic vision and continually inspire engagement throughout the organization.

Create a team environment and extract the best thinking and behavior from other high-achieving executives.

Create a healthy winning culture that attracts talent, breeds innovation and delivers dependably exceptional results.

Three Ways to Participate

We offer three different program packages to ensure our clients receive an optimal coaching experience that is unique to their needs.

1:1 Enrollment


Candidates receive private 1:1 coaching sessions and attend an annual cohort with other executive leaders.

Blended-Learning Enrollment

Candidates participate in a blended-learning program. Participants receive private 1:1 coaching and group coaching sessions, with a greater emphasis placed on group coaching.

Team Enrollment


For companies who have five (5) or more employees to enroll, team enrollment allows for these candidates to receive private 1:1 coaching as well as team coaching, customized to fit the organization’s needs. Special pricing is available. 

In order to protect the Executive Accelerator experience for everyone, we set a high standard for participants in this program. All applicants are screened to ensure that only the right people are accepted into our cohorts. If you’d like to secure a spot in this program, contact us as soon as possible so we’ll have ample time to review your candidate’s application. Click here to schedule a call with an Excelerate team member to enroll your leaders in the program!


The Impact of COVID-19

Executive Accelerator is one of the smartest investments businesses can make during COVID-19. Here’s why.

During a time where there are so many uncertainties in the world, it’s even more essential for companies to invest in Executive Accelerator for their leaders. Solid leadership is what anchors businesses through unsteady times, whether it be a recession, employee dissent or, in this case, a global pandemic. Executives who master the skills learned in this program will function as pillars of hope and perseverance for the employees they serve, and their businesses will likely enjoy years of success and growth after weathering through this momentary downturn. 


Meet Kimberly Gerber,
Excelerate CEO

Creator of Executive Accelerator

Excelerate’s visionary founder, Kimberly Gerber, is an executive leadership coach and former Fortune 100 executive. With three decades of experience, she’s helped some of the world’s highest-performing businesses thrive through transitions in leadership. She specializes in helping new executives close leadership skill gaps and build extraordinary confidence. Her clients have gone on to establish corporate cultures that embrace creative thinking and unify diverse opinions under one company vision.

She boasts an unparalleled 94% client retention rate and has transformed over 1,500 leaders across over 100 companies, including  Verizon, Allergan, Whirlpool, USC, El Pollo Loco, Dell, Starbucks Coffee, UCLA, Wescom, and more.

Companies We’ve Served

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most respected brands in the world.

Program Reviews

Our past Executive Accelerator clients share their honest opinions on participating in the program and working with our coaches.

"I have had the great pleasure to work with Kimberly Gerber over the course of several months, both on a personal level and with my team as well. She has been instrumental in helping me continue my personal and professional development through her communications workshop. The positive impact that she has had on our team has been tremendous. Communications have grown to new levels, allowing the team to continue to develop together and individually as well."

Carla Ussery, VP Wholesale Distribution, Verizon

"Kimberly is absolutely one of the most incredible people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I am forever thankful for her counsel and support through this program. It’s amazing to look back at where I was compared to where I am today."

Crystal, VP of Corporate Communications & PR


"From the beginning, Kimberly Gerber calmly and competently provided our team with a roadmap of where we needed to go and how to get there. She helped us navigate our difficult patches with endless patience and expertise. It was a pleasure working with her."

David, Company Partner

"When I first heard that I was being assigned an executive coach, I was at once thankful for the opportunity and somewhat apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. My apprehension quickly vanished as my trust and confidence in you grew. Your approach to coaching with complete, yet professional and compassionate honesty, is perfect for my communication style. I’ll be forever grateful for the coaching your provided and most grateful for your support of me personally."

Maia, VP of Sales

“I am grateful for the work I have done with Kimberly. Through her programs, I've experienced the greatest personal growth of my career. I appreciate her insight into my strengths and opportunities, and she was able to help me see myself the way other people do. As a result, I am able to create better experiences for others and build powerful social capital. I even got the VP-level promotion I wanted. Thank you, Kimberly!”

Gary Boriero, Executive Director, HumanGood

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