Excelerate Comm360

Excelerate Comm360 Respondent Form

  • This is a robust tool that will help identify your communication talents, strengths and opportunities. To begin the process, please follow these instructions to provide your respondent group. This is the group of people that we will be inviting on your behalf to provide input. Including yourself, you may have up to 5 different respondent groups, typically: Self, Supervisor(s), Peers, Subordinates, Clients/Others. We recommend 6 people per category except for the supervisor category. If you have fewer than 3 subordinates their responses will be grouped with Peers. Except for the Supervisor, all input is confidential.
  • Once you have submitted the names, Excelerate will distribute the assessments to your group and they will have approximately 2 weeks to provide input. The assessment takes most people 15-20 minutes to complete. It is very helpful for you to alert your respondent group that you have asked them to provide input and to thank them after you receive your feedback. We have provided sample emails that you can copy, edit and send at your discretion.
  • Providing Respondent Data

  • Click here to download the Comm360 spreadsheet. Please provide the contact information (Name & email address) for the various people listed in the spreadsheet. Once you've filled it out, save the document and upload it on this page below.

  • Sample Email Copy

  • Once you've uploaded the excel document, it's time to notify those listed on the spreadsheet about what you're asking them to do. Click here to download the sample emails you can send to those you've listed on the excel sheet before and after they send in their input. Please edit and personalize the emails according to those receiving it.

  • For any questions regarding this process, email kmccarthy@iexcelerate.com.